What our customers say about us

“The team at Langford Business Services is an absolute dream to work with, responsive, knowledgeable and very service orientated. The work they have done for us has been of an excellent standard. They have also helped us streamline our processes providing efficiencies. I have no issues in recommending their services.”

James Nelson



“We have been using Langford’s services since 2006 in various capacities. We can thoroughly recommend their professionalism and would add that Sandra and her team have been a pleasure to work with.”

Anglia Translations Ltd, Huntingdon


“We have outsourced our bookkeeping to Langford Business services for over 10 years and found Sandra and the team to be very professional, responsive and attentive to detail, overseeing the accounts to a high standard, which allows us to get on with managing our business knowing that not only our accounts but also our cash flow is well managed and in good hands.”

Anselm Priest

Partner, Cambridge Perfusion Services LLP


“Our move to Langford Business Services, from having a part time book keeper, has been simple and effective. Brenda has high levels of attention to detail and keeps a sharp focus on the financials while we can concentrate on running the business. The whole team are easy to deal with and follow up on requests with immediacy, often considering things that non-financial people wouldn't”

Richard Leech

Managing Partner, One Performance Outcome LLP

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